What they lack in intelligence…they sure make up for in stupidity!

Well these past days have been a whirlwind of activity, what with David Leask’s article, well when I say article, it wasn’t really an article as such, just a few lines of drivel where he complained about the ‘yes’ movement using the #dissolvetheunion hashtag, which doesn’t seem to have, had the desired effect. You see, David thought by moaning we would all take flight and run away but those days are over, we are not going to run away and hide anymore. We are going to hold our heads up high and play them at their own game. Only we have something they do not. We have the numbers, we are not bots as David likes to think we are. We are actual people. I have no idea what he thought he would achieve. I would love to know what he’s thinking now.

I must take my hat off to the unionist/British press, I had no idea they were as stupid as they are. I really thought there was some intelligence, but, no. It is there for all to see, what they lack in intelligence, they make up for in stupidity. They still haven’t worked out that the ‘yes’ movement is leaderless. They think that we all worship the ground Alex Salmond walks on, that is why they are attacking him. They think we’ll all go into hiding because we don’t want to be next. It really does make you wonder what the real polling figures for independence are. Talking of independence, seems we shall be permitted to return to the European Union if we choose to leave the UK. Perhaps that’s another reason for the unionist press meltdown.

I know some in the ‘yes’ family are getting more and more annoyed, I am to, but I am more amused. I cannot believe how thick the media and unionist are. It really is fun to watch. Chin up, remember it will get worse, they will throw everything, all we need do is laugh at them because, believe me, they are as thick as two short planks.

Let’s get on and get this union dissolved.