He may be sacked, then again, they may just insist he do some compulsory training on how to behave in public!

Conservative and Unionist MP Ross Thomson, could see his career in ruins as a complaint has now been lodged against him. The Member of Parliament for Aberdeen South had spent Tuesday evening in the Strangers’ Bar in the Houses of Parliament sexually groping three men. One of which, thought to be a Westminster researcher, has now filed an official complaint.

Thomson had appeared to be intoxicated before he even reached the bar, however in a statement posted on social media on Friday he denied any wrongdoing and stated that the allegations were “Completely false” and referred himself to the Conservative Panel of the Code of Conduct, his full statement reads as follows:

“A series of serious allegations have been made against me that have featured in the media. I would like to state that these allegations from anonymous sources are completely false. No complaint has been made to police, parliament or the Conservative Party. Nevertheless, in the interests of openness and transparency I am referring myself to the Conservative Panel of the Code of Conduct. This has been a deeply distressing time for me and my family, but I intend to be back at work on Monday.”

Thomson’s action seemed to be the talk of the town as mentioned in a tweet by the Scottish National Party’s head of communications, Catriona Mathson, she said: “This is a jaw-dropping statement from Ross Thomson. It was the talk of parliament because the bar was packed and there were multiple eye-witnesses. I spoke to several people who were horrified by what they saw.”

It is believed the Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Stone will investigate the complaint as she has the power to deal with complaints of harassment and more importantly sexual harassment. If found guilty Stone has the power to suspend, call for an apology or insist that the accused undertake compulsory training. If the complaint is serious, Stone can refer it to the Committee of Standards. If this be the case, then Thomson may be sacked.






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